Kickstarter is now available on android devices

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that has successfully funded thousands of campaigns across the globe. It even poses a threat to other crowdfunding platforms like Head funder and Indiegogo. It is an American based crowdfunding platform found by Yancey Strickler in 2009. It is the right place for every fundraiser to collect funds for the organizational and nonprofit campaigns. It is one of the successful crowdfunding platforms and it is worth $2 billion in pledges.

According to statistics, not every Kickstarter campaign would reach its goal because more than half of them flop miserably. Many successful campaigns like ALS ice bucket challenges have gone viral across the web. Kickstarter has even taken steps to provide security to avoid fraudsters who loot money off the donors and then fail to exhibit the campaign. The team has also worked on something to offer its service to mobile users as well.

Great news is that Kickstarter will soon be releasing its own app to the android users. It is absolutely free and it has even caused a wider reach to people across the globe. The android app looks very user friendly and sleek with no big issues and it has already got good responses from the critics. Nevertheless, Kickstarter’s new feature has benefited fundraisers and made it a lot easier for them. They can now keep a track of their campaigns with the help of their android mobile devices and it is as simple as that!

Some important Kickstarter lessons to have a successful campaign

A successful kickstarter project is quite rare but it is not any difficult to crack it. Plan well and get the things started right away before the kickstarter campaign’s official launch. Promotion could be your magic wand that casts good spells to your campaign! In order to put up a successful campaign, you will have to endorse it.

There are several strategies like social media, public forums, regional communities and events to promote your kickstarter campaign. The followers on Facebook, Twitter and blogs would spread the word to a wider audience.
Try to form regional communities and send friendly notes to publicize your fundraising Kickstarter campaign. It is very important to make time to listen to donors’ valuable positive feedbacks and criticisms as well. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are great start to open a page for your campaign and post pictures and videos to keep the followers updated. Try to arrange meetings for your community members to keep them updated because it would bring closeness among them.

Teaming up with biggest names in the industry is essential to achieve success and it is not a bad idea to take advices from companies that have had successful crowdfunding campaigns. The landing page on kickstarter should be impressive enough to grab attention from the donors. HD graphic banners, creative pictures, videos and texts could help you taste the victory. The campaign video must be short and creative to showcase the motives of your campaign.

Kickstarter funds 100,000 campaigns

Kickstarter is an American crowdfunding platform found by Yancey Strickler in 2009. It is an online dream destination for the fund collectors to raise funds for the crowdfunding campaigns. Kickstarter is a successful crowdfunding platform that has exceeded $2 billion in pledges, and Mr. Strickler would be celebrating his victory right now!

Good news is that Kickstarter funded 100 campaigns in 121 days back then, but according to a recent study, the platform has funded 100 campaigns in just 3 days, that’s a huge difference! Kickstarter has over 9 million pledging candidates and some 3 million of them offer funds for more than one campaign. One million of them offer funds knowing they would not be rewarded, now, that’s we call as generosity! 9 projects are launched for every 1 hour and $1,200 is pledged for every one minute, you do the calculations!

Famous crowdfunding campaigns are music, videos, games and design. But honestly speaking, not every crowdfunding project on Kickstarter would taste victory because more than half of them fail miserably. The American based company has decided to provide more security to avoid fraudsters who raise funds from the donors but fail to deliver the projects. Kickstarter platform is a potential threat to other crowdfunding platforms like Head funder and Indiegogo. Every aspiring entrepreneur must upload creative Kickstarter videos and update impressive start pages to grab attention from the donors. Kickstarter is indeed a life savior for all the young and budding entrepreneurs out there!

Crowdfunding Mistakes to Be Avoided

The success stories of many crowdfunding campaigns have raised the interest of a common man in crowdfunding campaigns like Indiegogo, kick starter and many other crowdfunding campaigns. But, some are not aware of the crowdfunding campaigns that end up without even nearing the funding goal.

The success story will be higher for some crowdfunding campaigns as they attach some one or two known personalities to their project. Most of the new comers in crowdfunding campaign do this, as they feel they will be popular if they have tie-up with known personality or brand if possible. It is good to get testimonials from customers who are very happy using your product and service.

Your crowdfunding success depends on your ability to clearly explain backers about the benefits about using your campaign. A number of campaigns fail in spite of traffic, as people fail to understand about the project and its benefits. You can avoid these kinds of crowdfunding traps by simply making a stretch goal for your campaign before its launch.

Another method for the success of your campaign involves screening and testing of your campaign pitch and textual and multimedia materials with the help of third parties. You can able to understand your audience and connect with them audience online.

Thousands of crowdfunding projects are launching every day, but you have to be unique, which you can do it by contact with the crowdfunding project’s unique selling proposition and try to be in contact with the backers through newsletters and social media.

10 interesting facts about nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns

A crowdfunding campaign is the latest trend that is catching up like a fire across the globe. Aspiring entrepreneurs now trust the crowdfunding platforms to achieve success in their dream projects. There are many crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, HeadFunder, and Indiegogo, and not many are aware of all the platforms.

There are many projects that are being launched every day and not all of them succeed. However, a successful project does not only provide funds, it offers other secret benefits as well. There are several important facts about nonprofit crowdfunding that do not fall under people’s sight.

  • Do you know the average crowdfunding donation is 88 dollars, well done merciful donors!
  • According to statistics, funds raised through individual charity pages are less than nonprofit crowdfunding projects.
  • This is going to surprise you, 28% percent of donors are repeat donors. Good people still exist in the world!
  • An exclusive event that was conducted on 3rd of December encouraged people to donate to charity. The years 2012 and 2013 received online gifts that were about $142.05.
  • Nonprofit campaigns would considerably increase if online donations were to be accepted.
  • According to a study, 42 percent of people donate to charities to inspire themselves and others. I’m very sure Justin Bieber is one of them, can’t blame the instincts!
  • Nonprofit campaign fundraisers with videos raise more funds than fundraisers with no video, start investing more time in campaign videos from today!
  • According to a survey, 55 percent of people went a step ahead after interacting with charity pages on social media platforms like Facebook.
  • There are many fundraising channels but the topmost ones are website charity pages, social giving and portal donations.
  • 2013 was a great year for associations that performed charity events for social causes. 30 percent of the total funds $5 billion raised via crowdfunding were given away for social causes.

Ways to elevate nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter

There are many ways to receive funds for nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns and charities. Though there are many fruitful chances for the campaigns to raise funds, there are other ‘infamous ways” as well. Social media plays an essential role in promoting such crowdfunding campaigns. Facebook and Twitter are famous among the others on social media platform to collect funds for nonprofit campaigns. But people who are quite serious about the charities could choose other options to intensify the operation.Have you ever about bike-a-thons and walkathons? If the answer is no, you should do a brief research on them. If you are looking to raise funds through events, give these infamous events a try. But you need to spend some money to make the events a grand success. Once you get a clear picture of the plan, there is going to be a definite promotion for the nonprofit campaign. Also, you must let people know about the events through social media and other modes. You can launch a kickstarter like site with

Another fun way to raise funds is themed runs! It is a lot different from the boring traditional-runs. Who would not be interested in runs that are off the usual records? According to a survey, many people turned up for the “color runs” than for usual marathons. Hence, you can always choose the path that no one else chooses and make the most off it. You can find the generous donors by hosting such events.

The most genius idea to raise funds is through sales and it is very effective as well. It could fetch you some money that would add up to the crowdfunding campaigns. You could use Scrip instead of asking people to buy things that are not really necessary for them. It provides gift cards to people to purchase their favorite things and make it a fair game.

These are some underrated ways to achieve success on nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter.

7 Tips to Interact With Backers Using Periscope

The Periscope is a video streaming platform which lets you explore the world by transmitting a live record of yourself to the periscope. Viewers can interact with backers by asking questions, sending hearts, leaving comments, etc. The tips used to connect with backers using periscope are given below:

  1. Knowledge in the basics:

Start a broadcast: If you start a broadcast your followers will get notified about it. You can broadcast it in two different ways, private and public.

Share your broadcast: you have the facility to share your live broadcast and even show where you are broadcasting from, instead of simply relying on the followers.

Receive hearts: Hearts are a special way of showing your interest in what you seeing to the host.

Get Comments: This serves as the good way to get user feedback.

Check status of broadcast: After the completion of broadcast you can able to know about the status like how many people tuned it, how long the broadcast lasts, how many comments you received and the amount of hearts you received.

  1. Name your scope: The first thing that makes the users to click your show is your title which enable them to recognize your project.
  2. Notify about broadcast to followers: Your followers in periscope can get the notifications when you share any broadcast and you are allowed to share your broadcast with your fans on twitter. Let your followers in social networks know that you are doing a broadcast, so that your broadcast will be reaching mostly everywhere and increase your number of viewers.
  3. Viewer participation: During broadcast you are going to have people log in and checkout through the channel.
  4. Build relationships: The periscope is a relationship building tool where you can distribute information among the crowds through campaign text, your social media, comment section of your project etc.

Here are some suggestions to build a good relation with your viewers:

  • Welcome people: Take some of your valuable time to welcome people who are just joining the stream.
  • Survey audience: Get the mind of the audience through the comments.
  • Q&A and asking queries: The best way to build relationships with the viewers is to make them ask you questions and providing feedback.
  • Ask queries: Ask any queries to the viewers about your broadcast like how they discovered you, from where people viewing your stream and many more.
  1. Grab user attention: It is your job to make the users to decide whether to give you hearts, follow you on periscope, and leave a comment and many more.

Some key Advertising tips for Crowdfunding

To begin with advertising tactics, timing is the key component that every marketing product should follow, take for example, there are many pizza outlets in town, and not every pizza outlet has a delivery option! Tuscana Pizzeria does not have the delivery option and hence its advertisement focuses on the scrumptious taste of it and asks you to grab your car keys to ride it to the outlet as fast as possible. And another infamous one is Papa John’s, it does have a delivery option, but its procedure is a less complicated one. You will have to possess an account in their official website, and to order a pizza, you will have to login and go through several other processes that would snatch away your precious time. The Papa John’s advertisement focuses on the delivery option but never really cares about its time taken to deliver the pizza! Last but not definitely the least, Dominos is known for its delicious pizzas that can be delivered within a few minutes and the delivery can also be taken through a simple text message. And hence the advertisement focuses on the time taken to deliver the pizza and the simple ways to deliver the pizza.

When you plan to drive to the Tuscana’s outlet to buy a pizza, Papa John’s pizza advertisement pops out on your television, and then you change your mind to login to their official website and order a pizza. And finally, when everything is set, a Dominos pizza advertisement pops out on your television and makes you to change your decision. And that is how advertising tactics work in the industry!

Running two crowd funding campaign

Running two crowd funding campaign is not a simple way to reach success but it is a way which leads you to failure. It is a great mistake to think you will reach the goal twice as fast by running two campaigns. It leads you to failure, confusion and stress.

Reasons for disaster:

  1. It is hard enough to run one crowd funding campaign: Yes, you cannot able to concentrate in both the campaigns at a time. It may result in disaster. You cannot able to concentrate on all the comments, campaign updates, and questions from the backers.
  2. Who’s who: It is common that some of the dishonest operators rip off the ideas seen on one crowding platform and replicate the ideas on a different crowd funding platform. Many people are practicing this which lead them decide not to back either project, since they have no way of being sure they won’t become the next victim of crowd funding scam.
  3. Confusion occurs:

Running two crowd funding platform will lead to confusion and you need to multiply our efforts more comparing with running a single crowd funding campaign. Bloggers will be confused about which project they will write and which one do they share with their audience. This confusion extends to your website visitors, Twitter followers and face book fans. It is better to advertise about one campaign at a time so that we can able to concentrate on the updates, comments etc. Focusing on one crowd funding campaign at a time is a key to success and it will never divide audience’s attention. Audience satisfaction is necessary for a campaign’s success.

Focus on one crow funding campaign with all your time, efforts and hard work to avoid stress and confusions.

Tips for Crowd funding Success

One of the most important tips is “words mean things”, every crowd funder will go through the entire story and everything else provided on the project itself. Hence the messages should be simple, catchy and thoughtful. There should also be graphical banners, illustrations, informative videos and so on. The images provided on the page should be a treat to the public readers or crowd funders. But if you are not able to create graphical banners and creative HD pictures due to shortage of funds, do not worry a bit! You can still go ahead with your creative written presentation in order to attract an immense number of crowd funders.

In fact, words do a way better job than videos or images. It is indeed more powerful in promoting the project than your videos and graphical banners. Every word in your page should convince the backers with no second thoughts or whatsoever! Moreover, the words should make sense because better writing will always fetch you success and backers. There is always a secret ingredient to a successful dish; likewise words would be the secret ingredient to attract crowd funders!

If you doubt your writing skills, then do not hesitate to consult with the crowd funding consultant that can update you with effective and catchy writing skills to get your project to the next level. It is no shame to learn better for a much better success. They say pen is mightier than a sword; hence always give importance to your words on your page!